Speeding Issues in Basildon

The Parish Council is well aware of residents’ concerns about vehicles potentially speeding through the village and are already engaged with West Berkshire Council. In December a meeting was held with senior council officers to discuss the issue and consider potential solutions. An action plan is currently being worked up and Alan Law our District Councillor has been involved with this.


The discussions have centred around cutting back vegetation obscuring signs, to repainting white lines and other ideas about highlighting speed awareness. I am sure residents will understand that in the midst of a pandemic, West Berkshire Council are trying to deal with many competing priorities and it is unlikely that any work will commence until lockdown is lifted.

Once West Berkshire have confirmed a timetable with the Parish Council an update will be issued to residents. In the meantime it is important to remember that many cars on local roads are actually local residents going about their business and it is a timely reminder for us all to be aware of the impact we can have on others.