The Country Neighbour

Basildon's monthly village magazine with a circulation to approximately 650 households in Upper and Lower Basildon.

The Country Neighbour Association

Chairman:  James Mathieson
Treasurer:  Pam Stevens
Secretary:  Sandy Mathieson

 James Mathieson

 (monthly/occasional/small ads/12 monthly ads)

Around the Village:  Celia Lines
Distribution:  Jill Tyrrell
Entertainments:  Ian Parsons

There is also a very helpful team of collators and distributors who contribute to the production of this publication.

Contact numbers:

 Sandy Mathieson  671772
 Angela Davies
 James Mathieson  671772
 Celia Lines  671893

Contributions for the magazine, preferably in Microsoft Word format, can be sent by email to by the due dates listed below. Hard copy contributions can be submitted directly to the Word Processor for that edition, whose contact details can be found on the Editorial page of the previous month's magazine


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 December (2017)Friday 10th November 
January (2018) Monday 4th December
February Monday 8th January
March Monday 5th February
April Saturday 10th March
May Saturday 7th April
June Saturday 12th May
July Saturday 9th June
August Saturday 7th July
September  Saturday 11th August
October Saturday 8th September
November Saturday 6th October
December Saturday 10th November