Concerned about traffic in Upper Basildon?

For the past two years the Parish Council has been in dialogue with West Berkshire Council regarding action to help mitigate the speed with which traffic travels through Upper Basildon, both on Aldworth Road and Pangbourne Road. The Parish Council have done this in active response to concerns expressed by residents, both from those who have attended Parish Council meetings and from their views posted on social media.

In September of this year the Parish Council took the step of writing to Laura Farris MP to enlist her support which she has given, and she has herself written to West Berkshire Council.

In mid November a Parish Councillor will be meeting the most senior member of West Berkshire’s Traffic and Road Safety Department to discuss the options on offer. The Parish Council has pushed for speed indicator signs as a reminder for drivers, similar to those deployed in the neighbouring villages of Bradfield and Pangbourne, more signage and road markings. Speed is an issue but equally it is really a matter people showing due consideration and courtesy to all other road users, whether they be cyclists, horse riders or pedestrians.

The Parish Council is aware of the depth of feeling about this issue but if anyone has any more pertinent points to make please contact the Council on the Contact Us link on the website.